Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I can't stop: reading oldish books about the good old days!

It all started when mother found us a copy of Poor Little Rich Girl (1983, by C. David Heyman), a biography of Barbara Hutton.

Yes, this book was so delicious to read, it became like our BREAD AND BUTTER; we were immersed in the grand and luxurious lifestyle of this Society Girl, not to mention intrigued by the precious reminder that there ever was such a thing as SOCIETY.

"Moderation is a bore," she would say, traipsing about in Marie Antoinette's pearls and Catherine the Great's tiara...her resplendent taste (in jewels, antique French and Oriental design, art and poetry) was an inspiration and her dramatic flair was addictive...We felt our identities merging as we poured over her legend, so much so that conversation (in "REAL LIFE") would depend on the chapter:

Boyfriend/boss/mother/friend: "How are you?"
Us: "Barbara is on her 4th husband, it will never last!"
Them: "Who is Barbara? What are you talking about?"
Us: "Alright, you can go now, I'm bored of you."

Mais non! A book has to end, and in this case, reading of Ms. Hutton's death was like reading about our own end...


What luck then, when treasure-hunting yesterday we found another book to feed our hunger for oldish books about the good old days! What a promising title: Bring on the Empty Horses (1975, by David Niven).

This little trophy presages to "add a little firsthand light and shadow" to Lotus Land, Hollywood from 1935-1960. We've already peaked a little ahead and seen that there's a chapter on Cary Grant, Barbara Hutton's 3rd husband...So the party may go on! AREN'T WE TICKLED!

(Does Harlow feed horses to her bear?)

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