Monday, September 21, 2009

Bourgeoisie Pie

It was a very busy weekend so dinner was in a box come Friday night. Vegan potpie and cheap beer. It was not tres regale, but it was very I'm-only-a-vegan-when-I-want-to hipster of me, non? I read 10 Magazine and poured a PBR into a wine glass.

I also received a care package from my mum in San Francisco. Chock full of ANTIQUES, including an old-timey thermos, a set of plaid placemats with napkins and coasters, piles of 1st edition kid-detective books, vintage pink equestrian ribbons, and this little card. I am preparing a care package for my friend Jackie O who also happens to be in San Francisco, I may include this card; I like the idea of the little adventurous puppy who flies 6,000 miles and warms lonely hearts.

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